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➡️ Carbon registries act as a third party between project developers and buyers to ensure that the offsets sold deliver the promised environmental impact in a transparent and traceable way : tracking the owners of carbon credits, assign carbon credit a serial number and make all the information available on a ledger.

Here is the list of the main carbon registries :

The Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) Verra
The Gold Standard
The Label Bas Carbone
The AirCarbon Exchange (ACX) Registry
Riverse Registry
The Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) Registry
The Plan Vivo Foundation

And each carbon registry has specificities and specific area of focus. (We will describe them in a future post)

👀 #Carbon registries need to be #accredited by a recognized regulatory body or standard organization, such as the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (#UNFCCC) or the The Integrity Council for the Voluntary Carbon Market (ICVCM) or the Institute of International Finance (#IIF). To obtain accreditation, a registry must demonstrate that it meets certain criteria related to its governance structure, operational procedures, and technical capabilities.

🧠 Carbon registries must develop operational procedures to issue carbon credits called #methodologies by specific types of projects. These procedures must be designed to calculate the difference between a baseline scenario and the project scenario. This difference represents the emission reductions that will be credited.

📝 Carbon registries methodologies must establish procedures for #monitoring and #reporting the emission reductions. This is called #MRV and stands for #Measurement#Reporting, and #Verification. This may involve the use of on-site inspections, remote sensing technologies, or other methods and is done by external auditors.

🤖 Carbon registries must have a robust and secure #technical#infrastructure that can support the tracking and management of carbon credits. This may include a web-based platform for carbon credit trading, a database for #tracking carbon credit #ownership and #transactions, and secure data storage and backup systems.

🚀 However, carbon registries need to add more information to carbon credits and this involves :
– Key documents
– History of the project and audits done
– More MRV controls to be sure that the carbon credit really exists (satellites, 3rd parties…)

💪 Carbon registries are a critical component of the carbon credit market, providing #transparency#accountability, and #credibility to the system, and helping to facilitate the transition to a more sustainable and #low-carbon economy.

➡ Let’s develop more methodologies to develop projects and let corporates fund these projects.

❓ Leave comments on topics to be developed on the #VCM or question you may have !

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