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670 Lafayette Ave, Brooklyn,
NY 11216

+1 800 966 4564
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Who are we ?

  • Crystalchain is founded in 2016 with the objective of using the Blockchain technology for transparency and trust.
  •  Crystalchain is first and foremost an expert in traceability.  We enable the agri-food and textile sectors to have a perfect understanding of their supplier environment. 
  • Since 2022, CrystalTrade has been pursuing this same commitment to transparency, but on the new voluntary carbon credit market.  Lifting the opaque veil of the market, exposing each project in concrete terms and proving its ecological efficiency, but this is only possible thanks to blockchain traceability.  
  • This new carbon credit market paves the way for countless solutions to global warming, so you can be sure of your ecological commitment thanks to our traceability. 





The Dream Team

Who's behind Crystal Trade​ ?

Sylvain Cariou
CEO and Co-Founder
Clément Gourrierec
Program Director Crystaltrade
Pierre Achach
Co-founder and Director
Esther Val
Marketing partnership
Karine Leclercq Margraff
Partnerships & Marketing Director